Monday, January 19, 2015


Last week and weekend was amazing. My boy turned 2. We had a awesome playground delivered for him to grow in to. We had a great party for him that was a smashing success. And I almost ran a marathon (kind of.. not really). Let me explain. 

I knew that with the long holiday weekend came parties, NFL Championship games, and questionable eating habits. So I set a goal going in to this weekend to do all of that stuff, and all the work to get ready, plus run a marathon. Now mind you not all at once, just log the distance between the beginning and end of the 3 day weekend. Well, I didn't quite make it. I ONLY ran 23.12 miles this weekend. To be honest I'm quite ok with that. There is no defeat in that. My only goal was really to stay very active during a very busy weekend and I managed to do both quite well. If another 2.98 miles meant that much to me if would go get them tonight (the holiday isn't over yet). But I can sit back and be content with the accomplishment. I'm running great right now. My knees and feet feel great, my legs feel light and I feel ready to take that next step toward a new level. But I know slow progress is the best (and safest) progress. I think 2015 is going to be a great running year.