Monday, February 16, 2015

Joe Cain Classic (300.5)

This year was the 25th running of the Joe Cain Classic, a 5K that takes place in Mobile AL.  This race truly is a gem.  It is billed as an ugly race.  It passes a correctional facility, a garbage dump, condemned houses and even has sections of cracked and broken pavement.  In other words, this race has character!  It is also a very flat course, perfect for a PR attempt if you are shooting for one.  Many people are not aware that Marti Gras actually got its start in the United States in Mobile, not at the much larger and notorious party held in New Orleans.  I could go into a large divergent rant about who Joe Cain was, but all you need to do is google “Joe Cain wiki” to read all about him.  But for short, he is widely credited with getting the modern Mardi Gras celebration going while the Union Army was occupying Mobile during the Civil War.  Each year, the Sunday before Fat Tuesday is celebrated as Joe Cain day in Mobile.  And the day’s celebration begins with the Joe Cain Classic before the parades start.  


The after party alone to this race is worthy of your registration.  This year’s participation netted you a Joe Cain Classic / Bay Area Runners wind breaker (special for the 25th year), a finishers medal, typical finish line amenities (bananas and water galore), and entry to the block party.  The block party is held each year on the street where Joe Cain’s home was and has a great vibe.  This party has great door prizes (the guy in front of me won $120 Nike shoes…), 2 full beer pours (not the stingy pours you get sometimes), sandwiches, chips, amazing cheese grits (while supplies last), and Domino’s pizza.  There is a DJ for kids and adults alike to dance in the street and an award ceremony to follow roughly 2 hours after the race starts.   


I give this race a 5 out of 5.  It is a true treasure and makes for a great weekend trip to Mobile to celebrate Mardi Gras.  If you are anywhere near this race you owe it to yourself to check it out.  We have made it a family tradition and drive more than 4 hours each way!  Even though we go for the whole Marti Gras experience, everyone who has to hear my blab on about running all the time knows this is definitely the highlight of the weekend for me.  I cannot wait until next year to hopefully improve my finish time.


Sunday, February 1, 2015

284.34 (sickness strikes)

After spending a week and a half of getting through family wide sickness, it's nice to start getting some miles again. Nice, but not easy. 

It was a week ago from last Friday when I told my coworkers that I wasn't going to be meeting up after work to watch the Atlanta Hawks continue their unbelievable winning streak because I needed to be home to help my wife with our sick son. But this wasn't just any sickness, at just over two years old it really was his first. We have been so fortunate to have a kid that really never got sick, but after almost 25 months of being a parent, it was the first time in a long time I truly felt like a new "first time" parent all over again. By the end of that weekend we had a high suspicion his sickness was strep throat. By Monday, his Dr had confirmed it. 

Over the course of the next week we all got sick to some degree (me with a short lived fever, the wife with a sore throat) my miles dropped from 25 in one weekend (my last post) to only a few over the next 10 days or so.  

By the start of this weekend, all 3 of us were finally started to feel better again. My interest in running while remaining at an all time, wasn't enough to get my butt up and go for some reason. Saturday morning was beautiful here. It was unseasonably mild and the sun was out in full force. Yet still I did not go. I had a serious lack of motivation. I did go to the gym Saturday and planned to run after, but I just went home when I was done. 

But today I finally snapped out of it. After reading so many posts in the google+ running community about people out on their run this morning, I tied my shoes and hit the road. I ended up having a great 5k at near personal best. 

I'm so glad to have all members of the family back in good health and be over the hump again. Now I must find time to get my miles back up. My next real 5k is in 2 weeks!!!  I really want a PR for this one and it's such a cool race. 

Lincoln first getting sick over a week ago

My run this morning. Very happy considering I didn't feel like going...

I can tell this boy is feeling good since he is mimicking my rediculous expressions again.