Tuesday, October 7, 2014


A wonderful run on my lunch break today. I found this abandoned airfield along the banks of the Chattahoochie river. It is located near the Subway I sometimes frequent for lunch. I usually keep running clothes and shoes in my center console for when opportunities like this present themselves. It's nice to always be prepared. 

I was so tired the first half of the day, it was exactly what I needed to be more productive the second half of the day. 

Here is my pictures from the run. 

After doing a little research on this old airfield, I found some pretty neat information. 

As depicted in 1948 with a 3,100' runway.

In the 1950's the airport was used for drag racing on Sunday's. 

Even though the airport is on the Alabama side of the river, the legal description of the state line is the most westwardly extent of the floodwaters of the river. Because of this, the state of Georgia attempted for many years to collect taxes on the field. 

1964 soil conservation photo

Noted as a 3200' paved runway in 1962

In 1982, the shorter grass runway had been abandoned with the note "Private, use at own risk". 

The airport was closed at some point after 1986 and is no longer depicted on aeronautical charts. 

The land is now owned by the city and is used for a RC plane field and exercise trail. 

http://www.airfields-freeman.com/AL/Airfields_AL_Montgomery.htm. Historical pictures and notes are from that website.